There is a knowledge that rises with doing that overcomes every theory.

This is why working with hands gives back the truest sense of independence and at the same time, the extraordinary perception of being endowed with something precious.

When that know-how settles in an artistic research, something special happens.

In a process in which creative thinking, capable of producing new, finds that value of uniqueness.

The materials are prepared by thinking how to give strength and beauty to the painting that will come.

Searching for a fuller awareness of paint doing, the paintings here are made following the ancient techniques of Italian ateliers in 14th and 15th centuries.

The oil or watercolor paint is produced by hand starting from the pigment powder.

Canvases and boards are also hand prepared, using ancient imprimatura.

In this way the paint penetrates better the chosen support ensuring an excellent performance over time.

Thus painting becomes first of all knowledge of the material. In a somewhat alchemical vision, it will be creation starting from matter, which will live from its original state until it becomes an artwork.

It is therefore a rediscovering of the potential of gestures found again in what, before anything else, is an handcraft.

Photos by Fulvio Ambrosio

Essere Luce – Watercolor – 85x116cm

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